miércoles, 25 de octubre de 2006

Wolfy paga los impuestos

¡Hasta para pagar impuestos sirve Wolfy! Para pagar impuestos de sucesión en Gran Bretaña, no los suyos , claro.
De esta forma ha llegado una importante donación al Estado británico, en la que además de las partituras de Mozart, hay también cosas muyyyyyyyyy interesantes como:
Five Gainsborough portraits: the five portraits date from
1750 and depict members of two Suffolk families, the Veres and Actons. The
allocation of the group to Gainsborough’s House Museum is therefore particularly
appropriate and ensures that the portraits remain in the county where they have
been since they were commissioned. The offer settled £203,000 of
Medieval metalwork: this group includes a 16th century Tudor helmet, two
17th century swords, two 13th century swords, one of Viking type and the other
with Romanesque decoration. The final item of the group is a silver-gilt altar
cruet from the 15th century. This is one of only two pre-Reformation
cruets to have survived the Reformation. The offer settled £253,750 of tax
and has yet to be permanently allocated.
Charles II Gold beaker: the
gold beaker was presented by the Levant Company in 1687 to the wife of Sir
William Turnbull, the English Ambassador to the Sublime Porte (Turkey).
The records of the Levant Company record, “Intimation being given that the Lord
Ambassador’s Lady was in expectation of a Present as her ladyship had understood
other Ambassador’s Ladys had had, it was left to Mr Husband to [provide a piece
of Gold Plate to the value of about £60 to be presented to her Ladyship in the
Company’s name.” The cup is only one of two such presentation cups to have
survived. The offer settled £92,939 of tax and has yet to be permanently
Evelyn de Morgan: One of the most important woman painters of the
late 19th century, Evelyn de Morgan’s Valley of Shadows, oil on canvas 118 by
193 cm, is one of her grandest subjects and is a fine example of the late
romantic followers of Burne-Jones. The offer settled £252,000 of tax and has
been permanently allocated to Leeds City Art Gallery.
coins: This collection of 3,577 coins gives a fine representation of Islamic
coinage ranging in date from the 7th to the 20th centuries and in origin from
India to Islamic Spain. A small group of Oriental coins from pre-Islamic
sources gives a context in which to set the collection. Particular areas of
depth include the coinage of the Seljuqs of Rum (600 examples) and Abbasids,
Ottomans, Ilkhanids, Safavids and other Iranian dynasties. The collection
settled £25,291 of tax and has been allocated to the Fitzwilliam Museum,
Erne Archive: This archive of the Earls Erne consists of
documents of title rentals, accounts, surveys, maps and plans and other estate
papers and correspondence of the Erne estates predominately in Fermanagh, and
for additional lands in Counties Mayo, Sligo and Dublin. Also included are
plans and building papers for Crom Castle and for estate buildings. The
archive consists of over 11,000 documents and dates from the 17th to 20th
centuries. The offer settled £120,000 of tax and has been permanently
allocated to the Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
Henley Family
Archive: This small archive relates to the Henley family lands principally in
Somerset but with material also relating to Dorset and Devon. The founder
of the family was Robert Henley who acquired former monastic lands in the 16th
century. Another section of this family’s archive was accepted in lieu in
1995 and this new offer unites all of the family papers. The offer settled
£2,800 of tax and has been permanently allocated to Somerset Record
Durbin archive: Leslie Durbin (1913-2005) was one of the
leading British silver designers of the 20th century and his work is known to
everyone in the UK from his designs for the reverse side of the pound coin in
the mid-1980s – a crown out of which grows the national emblem of the four home
countries. He also made the Leningrad Sword which Churchill presented to
Stalin as a gift in November 1943. The archive consists of his designs for
his many projects, correspondence between Durbin and the Royal Mint, proof
coins for the £1 coins, and correspondence with the Royal Household for The
Queen Mother’s Birthday medal. The offer settled £115,500 of tax and the
archive has been allocated to the Victoria and Albert Museum.
Lectionary and Sacramentary: These two liturgical manuscripts date from the 10th and 11th centuries. The Sacramentary which contains the liturgical services that would have been conducted by a Bishop is most likely to have been prepared for he Bishop of Noyon, in France. The Lectionary is in Greek and is
especially important for an understanding of Byzantine art and book
production. In the 19th century both manuscripts were part of the vast
collection of Sir Thomas Phillips who was one of greatest collectors of his
age. The offer settled £406,000 of tax. The items are with the
British Library awaiting permanent allocation.
Panini: One of
the finest paintings produced by the Italian 18th century painter Giovanni Paolo
Panini has been acquired by the National Gallery partly through the AIL scheme.
The Lottery in the Piazza di Montecitorio, oil on canvas, 105 by 162 cm, is
signed and dated 1747 and shows the drawing of the Roman lottery from the
balcony of the Curia Innocenziana, also known as the Palazzo di
Montecitorio. The painting could have settled over £2m of tax but the
actual tax liability to be met was only £194,047.
Bueno, muchos de estos objetos, no me importaría tenerlos como
las armaduras, las monedas islámicas, el Panini y ¡esos manuscritos!.
¿qué hay de Wolfy?
Mozart scores: the collection contains such rarities as the first edition of 1789 of the C major String Quintet, K. 515 and the first edition of the full vocal score of Mozart’s last opera, The Magic Flute. Also included is the first edition of the six string quartets which contains Mozart’s dedicatory epistle to Haydn, omitted in later editions. The offer settled £350,000 of tax. The collection has been allocated to the Bodleian Library, Oxford.
¡La primera edición de la partitura vocal de La Flauta Mágica! A partir de ahora se encontrará, como el resto de parituras, en Oxford, en la Bodleian Library.

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